Raw, 100% English honey has such a pure flavour. The flavour is delicate and natural. It’s not refined, it’s not boiled, nothing added, nothing taken away, just as nature intended.

The British seasons dictate what the bees forage, and when main crops are flowering; fruit tree blossom, hedge row blossom, oil seed rape, spring beans, borage, lime trees, lavender, sunflowers, garden flowers and finally winter flowering ivy.The nectars from these different sources are taken back to the hive where the bees use a little magic to make the honey. The varied nectar types give different shades and flavours of honey throughout the year, every year providing a unique vintage.

4 simple ways to buy Hoyle’s Honey;

1. Email your order via our contact page or call us 01277 733633, prices listed below

2. Buy on-line and have Hoyle’s Honey delivered to your doorstep, please go to the following link:  BUY HOYLE’S HONEY



4. BUYING IN BULK Retail and wholesale, please get in touch directly via our contact page or call us 01277 733633


Individual orders

English Flower Honey( Great Taste awards 1 Gold Star 2015)

A delicate mix of summer nectar sources producing a slightly more intense complex flavor. Delicious on yogurt, porridge or to sweeten anything special  250g £6.00

English set blossom honey( Great Taste awards 2 Gold Stars 2016)

A delicious mix of spring nectar sources producing a pure, natural, sweet and creamy honey. Perfect on buttered toast, crumpets and croissants 250g £6.00

English Borage Flower Honey( Great Taste awards 2 Gold Star 2015)

For a short time each summer when the blue borage starflower crop is in bloom, Hoyle’s bees produce this very light in colour and mouthwateringly smooth honey. Delicious drizzled on yogurt, porridge or ice cream 250g £6.50

English Lime Tree Honey( Great Taste awards 1 Gold Star 2015/ 2016)

Using nectar collected from the small yellow flowers on the English lime tree this honey has a delicious sweet wooden flavor, rich in vitamins and antiseptic properties. A Hoyle’s family favorite. Perfect to sweeten anything special. 250g £6.50

Includes postage and packaging.


Volume order (Pure English Honey)

28g / 1oz mini £0.45p per jar, catering packs available POA







Bespoke branded honey gifts…

Utterly charming and individually handmade, Hoyle’s Honey produce unique and delicious gifts perfect for friends, family and corporate gifting alike.

We specialize in using completely bespoke honey jars and labels to your order, for wedding favours, corporate gifting, or that special one off event. We also work with hotels for bespoke honey jars for the breakfast table and gifting.

Everything from the size and style of the honey jar to the personalized message or branded logo labelled on the jar and lid, this special message will remind the recipient of you each time they indulge! Whatever your idea please contact us for information and pricing.

Our stockists

If you are interested in stocking Hoyle’s honey, please email us via our contact page

Hoyle’s Honey can be purchased at:

  • Hoyle’s Farm Shop

    Hoyle's Farm, Princes Gate
    Princes Gate
    Navestock Side
    Essex, CM14 5SNWebsiteMap
  • Calcott Hall Farm Shop

    Calcott Hall Farm Shop
    Ongar Road
    Essex, CM15 9HSWebsiteMap
  • The Food Company

    Marks Tey
    86 London Road
    Essex, CO6 1EDWebsiteMap
  • Hepburns of Shenfield

    77 Hutton Rd
    Town Centre
    Essex, CM15 8JDWebsiteMap
  • Hepburns of Mountnessing

    269 Roman Road
    Essex, CM15 0UHWebsiteMap
  • Mayfield Farm Bakery

    Sheering Road
    Old Harlow
    Essex, CM17 0JP WebsiteMap
  • Andreas

    4 Cale Street
    , SW3 3QUWebsiteMap
  • Hampstead Butchers

    55 Rosslyn Hill
    , NW3 1NDWebsiteMap
  • Country Kitchen

    Country Kitchen
    21 Church Street
    , CB23 1JEWebsiteMap
  • Piatto Deli Frinton

    56 Connaught Avenue
    Frinton on Sea
    Essex, CO1 1LDWebsiteMap
  • Suffolk Food Hall

    Suffolk, IP9 2ABWebsiteMap
  • Made By Bob

    The Cornhill
    26 Market Place
    Gloucestershire, GL7 2NYWebsiteMap
  • Cairnsworths Deli and Tea Room

    100 The Street
    Little Waltham
    Essex, CM3 3NTWebsiteMap
  • The Deli Downstairs

    211 Victoria Park Road
    Victoria Park
    , E9 7JNWebsiteMap
  • Cheese at Leadenhall

    4-5 Leadenhall Market
    City of London
    , EC3V 1LRWebsiteMap
  • The Hereford Deli

    4 The Mews
    Saint Owen Street
    , HR1 2JBWebsiteMap
  • The Cheese Block

    69 Lordship Lane
    , SE22 8EPWebsiteMap
  • Rye Deli

    28b High Street
    Est Sussex, TN31 7JGWebsiteMap
  • Romeo Jones

    80 Dulwich Village
    , SE21 7AJWebsiteMap
  • Polhill Farm Shop

    Badgers Mount
    Kent, TN14 7BDWebsiteMap
  • Hampstead Butchers

    56 Rosslyn Hill
    , NW3 1NDWebsiteMap
  • St Helens Food Store

    , W10 6LNWebsiteMap