Hoyle’s Honey specialises in 100% Pure English Honey, straight from the hive to the jar. Produced only by our own bees, Hoyle’s Honey can be traced directly to the area the bees foraged for the nectar. Unlike many imported honeys, there is no doubt of its unadulterated purity and the taste leaves you wanting more.

The home of Hoyle’s Honey is in Navestock Side, Essex. The Hoyle family has been farming since the 1950’s and by using these valuable years of family farming knowledge, practicing responsible farming methods, we position our bees on our farm and neighbouring farms in the best possible sites to forage for pollen and nectar.

We started off with a couple of hives under the watchful eye and helping hand of a dear bee-keeping friend to guide us in the right direction. A small hobby grew into a small business, selling our honey in our farm shop. The interest and the enjoyment of bee keeping grew and grew, and then, so did Hoyle’s Honey.

Our future is to keep happy, healthy bees and in turn produce market leading Pure English honey.


Benefits of raw honey

Specialising in raw honey means that we don’t destroy the natural vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants that otherwise would happen during over heating and the pasteurization process, hence more of the taste and nutritional goodness stays in the jar.


Borage Honey

Borage is a culinary herb and also grown as a specialist crop, harvested as a seed then crushed to oil, valuable to pharmaceutical companies for its medicinal properties, and valuable to health containing minerals,  vitamins and omega oils. Honeybees are highly attracted to the nectar rich blue borage flower.

In liquid form borage honey is very light gold in color and pale yellow when in crystallization form, delicate and smooth in flavor.